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from clients and students

Dear Meaghan,
Many thanks for your reading this afternoon. 🎏 🌞 I am experiencing such a welcome sense of calm and trust, and I am truly delighted to have heard from my Spirit Guides through you. I appreciate your light, spontaneous expression, and felt good humor channeling through you. I appreciate all that has led you to this high place ~ certainly a long Journey. I feel a boost of confidence that is so much needed, and I also have some tangible resources (books) to seek out. Truly, heartfelt thanks. 🌸 
—With all good wishes, Georgia

Hi Meaghan~I wanted to thank you so much for the reading you did for me last month about my possible move to be close to my sweetie. The reading shifted my energy and I’m happy to report I just found my dream house there and even got a part time job at a healing center! My boyfriend is over the moon! Thanks again & look forward to connecting again soon~
—Sending blessings, TW

Hello Meaghan. I just re-listened to our reading and have to say, you're very very good. The reading didn't totally jive with me when we had it, but you were correct about so many things. For example, you mentioned one last "gig" before I start my own business and it would be similar to previous work. This came true this month. I am also starting to sideline my own business as I do this work, just as you said. This year was exactly as you predicted — change, change, change for the better. I've moved twice since we met, I've moved into LOTS of new work, and even my physicality improved as I change my diet and started teaching more fitness classes. You also mentioned a "big move" at the end of this year, which sounded sooo out of the question to me, partner is relocating and wants me to come with him. There's a lot of things to figure out there for me, but I think that is the move you were speaking to! Crazy!!! I will likely schedule with you the first of the year again.
—Best, A

DEAR DEAR Meaghan,
I've re-listened to our session and first of all, I want to thank you from the deeeeeepest part of my being for—well—just being you, and for the skills and talents you have clearly worked very hard to provide to your clients. After meeting with you I felt, for the first time in several years, that I have some clarity about myself and my body that makes SENSE and gives me some hope that things can be better. Thank you for giving that to me.  —LR

Meaghan’s Exploring Lifetimes Workshop was highly informative, uplifting, and inspiring. She was able to deliver complex information in a way that was easily understood, answered students questions clearly and informatively, and was able to facilitate her students in reaching personal insights into their past, present, and future lives. The tools I gained helped me have greater clarity in making day-to-day decisions and have given me a clearer understanding of myself. And as the owner of the facility that hosted Meaghan’s workshop, I was impressed by her thorough professionalism, mastery of her art, and her excellent teaching protocols. She exemplifies the qualities that I look for in a workshop teacher: A high level of expertise in her field, integrity, impeccable boundaries, humility, and compassion. The feedback I received from the participants of Meaghan’s workshop were overwhelmingly positive.  —Nona Lowe, Life Spring Awakening, Mohave AZ

Hi Meaghan, Thank you so much for all of your insights, teachings, and guidance. It has truly been an honor to get to know you and experience your gifts. I just love your humor and the beautiful way in which spirit works through you!  —Thanks! Tracy 

The summer so far has left me brimming with gratitude, and I am certain I would not be where I am now without the intuitive development work we've done in the circle, and the beautiful people who share it. I'm still laughing about this job opportunity—one of my best friends laughed and said "Wow that psychic class really paid for itself!" and she is so right! Even better than the new job, the personal benefits I am feeling are very, very real. Messages from my guides are so much clearer, I feel tangibly more connected to spirit, and have a much more loving view of myself and the people in my life. Thank you SO much.  —Ellen

Hello Meaghan, I just wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for my session yesterday. I think what you do is amazing. And I appreciate you so much for helping me on my own path and being available to others on their path, too. I love how you contribute to the world! Consider this a big virtual hug with lots of appreciation.  —KW 

Hi Meaghan! Just a quick note of thanks for the reading yesterday. I continue to be absolutely in awe of your connection and of the integrity, clarity, and compassion with which you relay information, inspiration, and tools for integration on behalf of Spirit. Again, thank you from the bottom right up to the tippy top of my was life changing.  —MC

I saw you for a reading a week ago. You said there may be some energy shifting and perhaps unraveling for a while after the meeting. You were not kidding! There have been generous amounts of activity going on emotionally and even physically. I would like to express how amazing the reading was for me. I have had many experiences and this one was very informative, healing and thought-provoking, leading me to seriously contemplate a Soul Retrieval Ceremony. That is my intention, to be whole so that I may participate in the world with other souls with greater understanding and an open heart, able to receive love and continue to give love more boldly now.  —Thank you, KM 

Meaghan, I needed to get in touch with you to let you know that the reading you gave me about a year ago came true! I have met the most wonderful man and we are very happy. He is quite unlike any man or relationship I have ever had, which is what you described. At the time you described him as a hybrid individual, but maybe somehow spiritual wires got crossed. I had recently purchased a used hybrid automobile and he hopped inside it one day, on the ferry, and persuaded me to go out with him. Thank you so much, if I had not gone to you I may not have been as open and receptive to take the risk and date this man.  —PM 

Hi Meaghan: Thanks so much for the awesome session today. I continue to be amazed by your wisdom and insight! I appreciate the years of dedication and commitment you have made to your spiritual path that have allowed you to become such a powerful channel and teacher. I am grateful to have you in my life.  —With love, TW 

Dear Meaghan: Thank you again for yesterday's session. The constriction I had been carrying in my throat and heart this past year is gone! Our session did profoundly more than hours of psychoanalysis would have.  —Feeling blessed, AM 

Hi Meaghan: Just a quick note of thanks for the automatic writing course. It was so great meeting you in person. The class was very informative and relatable set in a comfortable environment. PS Thank you also for the awesome reading back at the end of November! It really opened some doors for me.  —JR 

Meaghan, when I first came to you for a reading, I was completely lost and feeling rather desperate. I asked the typical questions about love and career, but it was at the very end, when you asked me if I knew I could speak to the dead, that all the hair on my body stood up. I was about to walk out the door and you stopped me in my tracks. You set me on the path to the medicine wheel that day and have, over the past 10+ years, become a trusted friend, spiritual advisor and healer for me. My entire world has changed because of that one reading and all the readings and healing sessions that followed. I am a completely different person than the one that had walked through your door all those years ago. I love my life, despite some of the horrendous challenges I faced. I went from being a victim to a woman empowered and connected with the divine in all living things and I will never forget that YOU led me to, and supported me on, this path. It literally saved my life. I will forever be grateful to you and this powerfully healing work.  —AB 

Thank you so much for everything! I am very grateful and have often said coming to see you the first time was one of the best things I have ever done…the phone appointments are amazing because even things that I thought made perfect sense at the time make so much more sense now seeing them as part of the bigger picture...connections, realizations...all kinds of stuff started flooding in. I feel like I'm not stuck in the small parts of the overall big picture that's playing out…Thank you again with MUCH appreciation!!  —Lisa 

Hi Meaghan, I just wanted to say thank you again for my last sessions with you. During a time of much uncertainty during my employment transition, and everything connected around this, your counsel and spiritual connection was most helpful, accurate, and comforting. Things have been working out well in my new job and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.  —Best always, E

Happy New Year Meaghan! I came to see you for a reading a while back with a dear friend of mine. I have listened to that reading many times since and just wanted to Thank You so much!! Listening to your positive words (and those of my spirit guides) really helped keep me focused on my truth (which is inspiring and encouraging). I have sent many friends your way and wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with not only myself but countless others!! You are doing all of us such a great service!  —K 

Meaghan, you were so right and helpful when letting me know the universe would be throwing opportunity after opportunity on me during this year! I clearly remember when you said, "Are you ready to embrace them or just continue being stuck in the same patterns?" That helped me gather strength and courage to take chances in in the new year, and Wow! so much growth has happened. Thank you for being.  —Thereza

Hello Meaghan, I'm excited to let you know that you were right on about something fairly big. Last summer you advised me to, "Let engineering be more fun." You expected that probably in the Fall I would have an opportunity that would be more on my level and utilize more of my skills, with higher pay. You also said that you still were seeing Europe in my future. So here I am, Meaghan, working as an international liaison...making great money and (boohoo) having to spend lots of time in the PARIS, FRANCE area, and maybe Germany, India, and Morocco! I thought you'd enjoy this feedback. I always appreciate the guidance, encouragement, and heads-up that you give me.  —Sending love, RT 

Dear Meaghan; I wanted to drop you a quick note of my sincere appreciation for the work that you do and my recent reading. Your talent and ability to tune in and connect to source is supremely divine. You have been a tremendous source of validation and guidance to me. You have also consistently provided valuable and insightful information that, though available to me from source, often gets lost in the traffic jam of my mental chatter. I was referred to you by a dear friend...I can state categorically that all of her comments about you, your ability to read me, and my personal experience further validates that truth of you as a gift to us. Hopefully on one of my trips to Seattle I will be blessed to meet you in person as well.  
—With Infinite Blessings from Source, and in Love and Light, Shekhar 

Thank you for being a great teacher to me and so many others. I have learned so much lately I don't even know how to express it to you! Thank you for helping me through so many growing times. I can say I love life and thank you for helping me on that journey.  —Dana 

Dearest Meaghan, thank you sooo much for the beautiful reading today, I had forgotten what a beautiful thing it is to spend time with you. 

—Again, thank you, CM 

Thank you for meeting with me! I’ve decided that your job title should be Spiritual Psychiatrist since you have such deep insights into your students and bring up some of the deepest challenges we face. Wow! Good stuff, as always. —MB 

Hi Meaghan, I wanted to let you know I received the recording of our session—thank you, and to let you know that whenever I have a reading with you I feel so energized, encouraged, and hopeful. Also, that all the friends who have had sessions with you are amazed by them and always find great value in what comes through. It was such fun to be with you in person, connecting your physical presence with the familiar voice and laughter. Being in your great energy, and having the experience of the rattles and sage and feeling the movement out of my body with something that was no longer serving me was powerful. Thank you for developing your talent and using it in service.  —Dianna Gould Brunzell 

I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me in the past few months. The level of spiritual growth for me has been quite deep and you have played a pivotal role in this personal movement for me. All that you have shared with me has been right on. Thank you for your kindness.  —Anonymous 

Bravo! Such a wonderful, well-prepared workshop! The medical aspects you were able to share last night about the way meditation affects the way the brain operates...fascinating!  —Steve 

Hello Shamanic Diva! Just thought I'd offer some more confirmation that the distance extraction worked. Part of the work addressed my connection to mother earth and I have to say that I didn't even realize what I was missing there until you helped to reestablish that flow/connection. The work also gave me such a profound perspective, validation, and more space within my relationships. I feel more detached from some of the aspects that were driving me batty. Thank you again for this great work. —Blessings! EN 

Dearest Meaghan, I have absolute proof of your guidance! I want you to know that when I asked you if I could/would have another baby you said that the answer was no—there is a hormonal problem with me. I was surprised and decided to follow your recommendations and get checked. A couple of days ago, the nurse called with my results and said that all looks fine but the doctor wanted her to let me know right away that my hormone levels are very high!!! (Just as you said) I was stunned. You have an unbelievable gift! You were right! My friend let me listen to his reading and you summed him up so articulately and perfectly. You are just the most unbelievable person I have ever come in contact with. Truly! I wanted to thank you, although the news was hard to absorb, you helped me in a big way to deal with it and move forward. What a gift you are to those you help. Thank you for sharing it! 

—With my kindest regards, CL

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