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Believe It (Or Not)

My sense is that life is showing us belief is everything. From the state of our physical health, to the money in our bank account, to the harmony or tension in our relationships. What you believe about yourself and the world around you is inevitably projected onto the canvas of your experience, in one way or another. . .

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The Next Level

What is holding you back? Do you know? You may be doing all the right things: meditating; lighting candles and saying affirmations; charging crystals with intentions, etc. But, have you checked your rear view mirror lately? What part of you is still living an old reality with an outdated mindset? It is important to track yourself here because those previous states can create serious opposition to forward momentum. . .

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Start wherever you like, shuffle around as much as you want. You can use each story as a focal point during a meditation session, or as a daily theme for extended contemplation. You can even use this compilation to check in with your soul’s higher perspective to receive a meaningful message or insight into a pertinent life issue or question. Randomly move through the pages and allow your intuition to tell you when to pause and read (like a tarot deck in book form).


Hollow Bones & Gratitude Baths

If you have had a session with me, or participated in an American Plains shamanic prayer, you're likely familiar with a phrase that goes something like this: "Help me to be a hollow bone." Being a hollow bone is a very good thing when working with Spirit. It means you are a vessel, a channel, a good conduit for the Great Mystery to bring forward its healing story. . .

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Inspiration Compilation is an ebook gift just for you. Created as a quick and easy resource to inspire and uplift, it contains 89 pages of mini-stories that you can refer to anytime you're in need of fresh perspective and insight.

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