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I will be leading you on a deep-dive meditation to your soul's sacred inner landscape. Your mission? To retrieve a personal power symbol which you can then use as a spiritually significant focal point (akin to a lucky charm, amulet, or mantra) to enhance and strengthen intentions around healing, manifestation, creativity, security, courage, or confidence.

Watch online or download to your own device. Access link provided via email after payment is received. [mp4 file / 503mb / 90 mins]

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workshop highlights

  • The Main Event is an extensive and thorough guided regression session designed to safely and effectively lead you through your own personal past life experience
  • This will be followed by a quiet reflection segment so that you can contemplate and write about your regression (it is helpful for maximum recall to have this opportunity for integration directly following the actual regression)
  • We will also be taking a look at the interesting background and history of past life regression therapy
  • And I'll be sharing fascinating case studies and impactful wisdom gathered from conducting over ten years of clinical regressions in my own practice
  • Bonus material includes excerpts from my personal channeling sessions with spirit guides regarding reincarnation
  • This workshop is perfect if you have never experienced a regression and are looking for a comprehensive introduction
  • And if you've experienced past life regression before, this is a great follow-up opportunity to go deeper and learn more about your soul's many incarnations
  • We will wrap up with a Q&A session open to the entire workshop group to share the day's experiences and receive personalized feedback
  • You'll receive aftercare suggestions and resources for continued reincarnational recall in the days and weeks following the workshop; plus my recommendations for favorite authors and books regarding past life regression, the life-between-life state, and future life progression work

Learn to tap in to your body's wisdom and intuitively connect with your physical health and well-being. This class provides a process and framework to explore what's going on under the hood and how you can best support the natural healing abilities you were born with. You will also learn how to hold sacred space, with love and patience, to receive meaningful information regarding illness, imbalances, or injuries you may be currently experiencing.

Watch online or download to your own device. Access link provided via email after payment is received. [mp4 file / 569mb / 90 mins]

$49  purchase

Embark on a spiritual journey to experience your soul's reincarnational history


Live Online: 9:30am—12:00pm PST
Includes WORKSHOP, INFORMATIONAL HANDOUTS, AND a guided meditation audio download to enhance recall in preparation for your regression (listen a day or two before the workshop, instructions included)

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