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[UPDATE: Both dates are now sold out. If you would still like to attend, please drop me an email and let me know; I may be adding additional dates if scheduling allows. Thank you for your interest! Best wishes, Meaghan]

Are you ready? Join me in Seattle for this 3-hour workshop where you will:

  • identify and clear an energy pattern that is holding you back

  • consult with Spirit and your helping guides for soul plan review and forecasting

  • set a fresh intention and learn how to stay committed and accountable

  • start to build a foundation for new beginnings, opportunities, and adventures that are in alignment with who you’re ready to become and where you want to go in 2020 and beyond

  • seating for each date is limited, this will be a small group setting

Nov 30 or Dec 14 (both dates currently sold out)

1417 NW 54th Street, Conference Room


Classes & WORKSHOPS 

I will be leading you on a deep-dive meditation to your soul's sacred inner landscape. Your mission? To retrieve a personal power symbol which you can then use as a spiritually significant focal point (akin to a lucky charm, amulet, or mantra) to enhance and strengthen intentions around healing, manifestation, creativity, security, courage, or confidence. Rowrrrrr!

Watch online or download to your own device. Access link provided via email after payment is received. [mp4 file / 503mb / 90 mins]

$40  purchase

Learn to tap in to your body's wisdom and intuitively connect with your physical health and well-being. This class provides a process and framework to explore what's going on under the hood and how you can best support the natural healing abilities you were born with. You will also learn how to hold sacred space, with love and patience, to receive meaningful information regarding illness, imbalances, or injuries you may be currently experiencing.

Watch online or download to your own device. Access link provided via email after payment is received. [mp4 file / 569mb / 90 mins]

$40  purchase

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Meaghan O'Leary PhD

I am pleased to announce my latest series of online classes where I share the very best of what I've learned over thirty years of studying and working with all things spiritual, metaphysical, healing, psychic, and shamanic. Each 90-minute class centers around a theme and I'll begin with a talk, followed by exercises and best practices.