Learn to tap in to your body's wisdom and intuitively connect with your physical health and well-being. This class provides a process and framework to explore what's going on under the hood and how you can best support the natural healing abilities you were born with. You will also learn how to hold sacred space, with love and patience, to receive meaningful information regarding illness, imbalances, or injuries you may be currently experiencing.

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What are your greatest desires and most meaningful aspirations? If you placed no limitations on creating the life you want, how would you describe it?

The first step is identifying what you really want—not what you think you should want, or what someone else wants for you.

The next step is to get clear and truthful about the beliefs you hold that block you from fully stepping into passion and purpose. How can you advance your unique capabilities and grow your personal power confidently and joyfully without resistance?

You have been making quantum leaps in personal growth and healing—I know this firsthand from working with many of you in private sessions and witnessing your commitment, resilience and courage. More than ever, I am amazed by what is possible when, together, we align focus and intention with insight and grace.

Now you are ready to go deeper and bigger. By integrating your conscious heart's desires with the profound wisdom offered from your higher soul self and the cosmic creative intelligence supporting your evolution, it is the perfect time to break through layers of limitation and accelerate multi-dimensional living. Because of this, I am pleased to announce my online Transformational Mentorship, 6-Month Group Series starting January 2024.

During monthly online group meetings from January to June, I will be with you every step of the way, sharing what I have experienced, learned and mastered on my own life's journey as a intuitive healing professional, transpersonal spiritual counselor, shamanic medicine practitioner, regression hypnotherapist, educator, author, and business owner.

I will also offer pertinent perspective from my personal path as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. We are multi-faceted, multi-focused beings and illuminating one area of our lives informs and transforms all areas.

Clarifying intention and setting goals. What is your purpose and passion? Where are you being called in service to your life's dream during this time of evolution and change? Where are you unclear or afraid? Create new habits and accountability systems with tools to shift resistance and blocks.

These are your superpowers: working with beliefs, maintaining healthy energy bodies, mastering clear communication with non-physical allies and spirit guides, and accessing your soul's blueprint for this lifetime.

Putting it into practice: sustainability, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Utilizing cross-cultural shamanic healing practices to learn what Mother Earth is needing from us now and how we can maintain personal health and well-being. Clarifying communication and rebuilding boundaries, truth-telling as a sacred, healing practice.


This is an additional, exclusive meeting place to share experiences, continue discussions, and ask questions—I will be there and I hope you will too. Every voice is important, every idea moves us forward, every question speaks to all our hearts.

Join me in 2024 for this extraordinary opportunity. I am thrilled to guide you on an evolutionary adventure of clarity, passion and purpose.

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I will be leading you on a deep-dive meditation to your soul's sacred inner landscape. Your mission? To retrieve a personal power symbol which you can then use as a spiritually significant focal point (akin to a lucky charm, amulet, or mantra) to enhance and strengthen intentions around healing, manifestation, creativity, security, courage, or confidence.

Watch online or download to your own device. Access link provided via email after payment is received. [mp4 file / 503mb / 90 mins]

$49  purchase

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Spirit Circle is wonderful opportunity for us to meet as a group online to learn and discuss new thought and spiritual practices that are near and dear to my metaphysical heart: psychic development, shamanic healing, inner awareness and personal growth.

Join me for this special Halloween edition where we will explore

  • hauntings: clearing spaces and places, and blessing our belongings

  • mediumship: communicating with the dead to deepen our understanding of the afterlife

saturday, October 7

10am—12pm PDT Live online via Zoom


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What changes would you like to experience in your life right now?

Transformational Mentorship

6-month Online Series

LIVE ONLINE  Saturdays 9:30am—12:30pm pacific

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