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Regression work may incorporate not only past lives but also memories and experiences from your current lifetime. Another rich area to explore is the spiritual realm of "life between lives"; this is where we go to rest, heal, and receive guidance about our incarnations. Not as common is the experience of progression, where our subconscious and spirit will lead us into a future lifetime. 

I have found this work to be incredibly freeing and inspirational personally. I've experienced important, new insights into my relationships and life's purpose. And rather than encouraging you to live in the past, this experience offers wisdom that can renew your appreciation and deepen fulfillment in this lifetime.
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Please note: The information offered in a session should not be substituted for any professional medical, legal, or financial advice. Your session is intended to offer guidance, insight, and tools to support your well-being and is subject to your own personal interpretation and choices. Thank you.

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Exploring other lifetimes is fascinating work particularly because you experience it directly through hypnotherapy. This personal approach can be powerfully healing and often reveals information that allows you to release long-held, unexplained fears which are blocking health and well-being in this lifetime.

I typically recommend a 2-hour appointment for an initial past life regression session. This includes receiving a 15-minute guided meditation audio download to practice as preparation before your regression. It's helpful to listen to this one time per day, up to four days prior to coming in to the office. You will also receive paperwork to review and fill-out; this process helps to define any specific goals you may have for your session. 

Regression work can definitely be deepened and enhanced by having more than one session, however, it is a personal choice based on your goals and preferences. Some clients choose to use regression work as a therapeutic approach and will have multiple sessions. Other clients receive enough information and insight in one session and take that away to contemplate and integrate. 

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