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Past life regression hypnotherapy allows you to access the rich tapestry of multidimensional history your soul has been weaving together over countless lifetimes. Becoming aware of these soul stories assists in gaining a deeper understanding of your origin and higher purpose. You can use this knowledge to confidently craft a healthy and self-empowered approach to this lifetime.

Exploring other lifetimes is fascinating work particularly because your experience is subjective—you receive information and insight directly through the hypnotherapy process. This results in a unique and personal experience shared between your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and your higher intelligence or soul.

Regression work opens the door to a wide variety of healing outcomes beyond the recollection of previous incarnations. Underlying physical and emotional symptoms may have originated in a previous lifetime and can be given the opportunity to be redirected or cleared. Patterns of long-standing, or recurring symptoms (which may have grown resistant to improvement using other modalities) can be observed and released during a regression.

past life regression therapy

If death were the end of everything about us, then life indeed would be meaningless. However, some power within us enables humans to conceive of a hereafter and to sense a connection to a higher power and even an eternal soul.

—Michael Newton PhD Journey of Souls

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Regression work may also incorporate memories and experiences from your current lifetime, leading you to important information that is relevant to present-time healing intentions and goals.

Another rich area to explore is the spiritual realm between lifetimes. This is an afterlife dimension you can explore to rest, heal, and receive spiritual guidance about your incarnations. In this plane, details will often emerge regarding life purpose. A life review may be conducted with spirit guides to determine if goals were met regarding healing, evolution, and integration during a particular lifetime. This review is a supportive process and meant to provide positive guidance.

Personally, I have found past life regression therapy to be incredibly freeing and inspirational on a deep level. I've experienced important—and completely new—insights into relationships, family, health, and career during my own regressions. And rather than encouraging me to live in the past, my regression experiences have renewed appreciation, dedication, and passion for my current precious and beautiful life.

Regression work can definitely be deepened and enhanced by having more than one session, however, it is a personal choice based on your goals and preferences. Some clients choose to use regression work as a therapeutic approach and will have multiple sessions. Other clients receive enough information and insight in one session and take that away to contemplate and integrate.

  • Prior to your regression session, you will receive paperwork to review and fill out (see example here). This process helps to define any specific goals you may have for your session. You will also receive a 15-minute guided meditation audio download to enhance recall in preparation for your regression. Each regression session tends to naturally move toward the lifetimes, experiences, and information your subconscious mind determines is necessary related to your objectives, intentions, symptoms, or concerns.

  • If you would like to review the information learned in your regression, I offer a free digital audio recording which will be available via download after your session.

  • You will receive aftercare recommendations and handouts for additional support and resources, and I will be available via email or phone if you have any questions in the days following your regression session.

  • Within the month following your regression, you're welcome to schedule a complimentary 30-minute follow-up session with me to review the highlights of your regression from a psychic, shamanic, and energetic perspective.

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Past Life Regression sessions are offered in-person at my Seattle office and typically book one month in advance

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