Reading Methods

I incorporate a broad spectrum of psychic and mediumistic abilities into every reading. This allows me to retrieve information, on your behalf, from many fields of universal intelligence: cosmic, spiritual, metaphysical, karmic, co-creative, and potentialized probability.

Below are common subjects that can be covered in a session, however, you're welcome to ask any question and focus on any topic that is important to you.

Psychic information

  • past, present, and future influences, probabilities, and events
  • activating helpful and constructive outcomes, minimizing or canceling unwanted or unproductive outcomes
  • relationships with family and friends
  • romantic relationships: lover, partner, marriage, dating
  • navigating a breakup, separation, or divorce
  • outlook on finances and creating abundance
  • business and career path, direction, and choices
  • relationships with colleagues and business partners
  • considering a school, program, or college
  • planning a trip, upcoming travel
  • moving your residence or business location
  • buying or selling a home or property
  • remote viewing for missing people or animal companions
  • remote viewing for lost or stolen objects


  • direct, personalized, and specific information for you from your spirit guides, angels, and supernatural allies
  • communication and messages from those who have passed on: loved ones, friends, animal companions
  • communication or information regarding challenging transitions: suicide, miscarriage, accident, crime
  • lineage wisdom from ancestors and previous generations
  • communication with new souls coming in: baby, grandchild, sibling
  • reasons and remedies for hauntings, apparitions, and ghosts
  • origin and assistance regarding psychic attack, spirit intrusions, or possession


  • physical body scan for insight into illness, disease, accidents, and injuries
  • reading body systems (e.g. endrocrine, immune, nervous, reproductive, etc)
  • relaying direct messages from your body regarding optimal functioning (your body is intelligent and equipped to heal and maintain balance)
  • health outcomes from a psychic perspective
  • past life influences on current health condition
  • energy reading of supplements, medications, procedures, and tests
  • emotional and mental well-being: depression, despair, anxiety, grief, loss, fear, stress, anger
  • energetic and psychic insight into addictions, obsessions, habits and patterns
  • health and well-being of partners and family members
  • health and well-being of animal companions


  • life path and your soul's blueprint
  • soul contracts between souls, co-creational agreements
  • calling love in: reading your soul's romantic blueprint
  • soul agreements with children
  • ancestral and generational healing, family legacies, blessings and curses
  • dark night of the soul
  • past life information, between life wisdom, future life review


  • how to connect with your spirit guides and allies

  • safely develop and strengthen your own intuition and psychic abilities

  • set up or deepen your personal spiritual practice

  • maintain energetic boundaries for psychic protection

  • how to stay centered and grounded in your own power and purpose

  • working with your shadow, shamanic sickness, wounded healer

  • meet your power (spirit) animal

  • working with plant and crystal medicine

  • mentoring and coaching for motivation, inspiration, and success

  • launching and growing your intuitive or healing practice

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Having a psychic medium reading is an effective and powerful way to gain insight into your life. You will receive information about your strengths and gifts, your life's purpose, and the events and people you are drawing into your experience. Communication from those in Spirit provide additional wisdom, support, and perspective as well.

Readings are held in a comfortable and confidential setting. The healing messages that come through are thoughtful and respectful—with special meaning that is unique to you.

By communicating with Spirit, your higher self, and our spirit guides and allies, we can also uncover what may be blocking your heart's desires, revealing what is ready to be shifted in order for you to reach your highest potential and live life fully and freely.

Your reading will provide specific suggestions for tools and practices that facilitate spiritual growth and health. A downloadable digital recording of your reading is offered (at no extra charge) so that you may refer to the information as often as you like.


Prior to your reading, you may want to consider specific questions you would like to have answered, or you may wish to simply receive the messages that Spirit chooses to bring forward for you—most readings contain a little of both.

If you are hoping to connect with a loved one who has passed on, please send them a prayer or heartfelt request the day before your reading, asking them to be present if it serves the highest good and is possible at this time. It can also be helpful to bring an object to your session that carries special meaning to the person who has passed.

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