Having a psychic reading is a very useful and powerful way to gain insight into your life. You will receive information about your strengths and gifts, your life's purpose, and the events and people you are drawing into your experience.

By communicating with your higher self and spirit guides we will also uncover what blocks your desires, and what wants to be removed in order for you to reach your highest potential and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Your reading will also provide you with specific suggestions for tools, remedies and practices that facilitate growth and health. A digital recording of your reading is included so that you may refer to the information as often as you like.

Prior to your reading, you may want to consider the questions you would like to have answered, or you may choose to simply receive the messages that Spirit brings forward for you—most readings contain a little of both.

Common issues and questions that can be addressed in a psychic reading include:

  • relationships with family and friends
  • marriage or lover partnerships, dating
  • new baby/child life path and soul contract
  • animal companions
  • outlook on finances and creating abundance
  • life purpose, business, and career path
  • relationships with colleagues and business partners
  • choosing a school, program, or college
  • trips, travel, or moving your location
  • buying or selling home or property
  • hauntings, space clearings, home or business blessings
  • symptoms and effects of energy vampires, psychic attack, spirit intrusions, or possession
  • physical, mental, and emotional health
  • illness and disease
  • accidents and injuries
  • addictions, obsessions, habits and patterns
  • your own life path, blueprint, and soul contracts
  • past life information, between life and future life review
  • communication with deceased loved ones and ancestors
  • how to connect with your guides
  • how to develop your own intuition
  • how to set up or broaden your spiritual practice 
  • how you can deepen your relationship with Spirit

Having a reading is a confidential and safe experience offering you important and inspiring knowledge about your life and those you love and care about. 

Information about rates and scheduling can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like to book your reading, please email or call (206) 293-4592.

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Please note: The information offered in a session should not be substituted for any professional medical, legal, or financial advice. Your session is intended to offer guidance, insight, and tools to support your well-being and is subject to your own personal interpretation and choices. Thank you.

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